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Chairman Message


At JAY KAY HOSIERY MILLS, value-addition has been the crux of growth. We see ourselves as a textile and Garments value-addition company. When We started the company in 1985, the difficulties in textiles were different. Though it was a sunrise sector at that point of time; but it was an entrepreneurial task to bring about infrastructure, resources and markets for the products. Today, with the new age of communication and buyerservice requirements, we envision to provide full-service to our buyers with integration of products and services. This means manufacturing of fabrics and made-ups are as important a process as the allied services of research, new product development, design library and electronic merchandising.

Over the years, we have successfully attained uncompromising craftsmanship and excellence in fabric design & innovation, apparel manufacturing and customer services. We are passionate about making Hosiery Garments that charm their way to people’s heart. Our commitment to comprehensive excellence will continue to guide us through opportunities and challenges in the years to come.

With success comes responsibility. We care about the communities in which our members, partners and customers live and work. We value corporate social responsibilities and are dedicated to acting in a socially responsible way. Conducting ethical business practices in response to the environment is a core part of our business commitment.

We must acknowledge and appreciate the continuous and untiring efforts of Our Company family members that have enabled the company to reach its present position. I believe that their continuous endeavors would assist the organization not only to achieve its objectives but will keep its desire to progress alive and pulsating.

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